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Lugar Loss Highlights Sour Relationship Between Voters and Politicians

faultroy Wrote: May 12, 2012 7:11 PM
Rasmussen gets it right. The only part I would quibble with is his comments on the TEA Party. I think the reason people don't associate as strongly with it is because we have a strong majority of House members that are actively and agressively doing just what the TEA party wants. For the purposes of this election, the TEA party has been absorbed by the Repub Party. When Romney disappoints Conservatives the same way that Obama has disappointed Progressives--and He will-- The Tea Party will rebound. The country as a whole has moved strongly to the right--otherwise Obama's re election chances would not be so slim. It's tough to turn a big ship, but the country will continue to move to the right.

When relationships go bad, an early warning sign is that one side doesn't really hear what the other is saying. That's certainly the case today in the relationship between voters and America's political class.

Many in Washington, D.C., took comfort over the past year in polling data showing that fewer voters consider themselves part of the tea party movement. Only 13 percent claim such a tie today, roughly half its peak in 2010. This was reassuring to those in power, suggesting voters were willing to let the politicians return to politics as usual.

But the panic returned to Washington this week,...