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Left Wants Multiculturalism to Trump Free Speech

faultroy Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 12:20 PM
That is one solution. The more practical and logical solution would to be advocate for states rights. That way, you can choose what state you want to live in based on their governmental pollicies .The states that have very liberal policies can have very liberal citizens. Those states with very conservative policies can have citizens that match their ideology and fiscal conservatism--why reinvent the wheel?
The American Left used to champion free expression. We were lectured -- correctly -- that the price of being repulsed by occasional crude talk and art was worth paying. Only that way could Americans ensure our daily right to criticize those with greater power and influence whom we found wrong and objectionable.

When 1950s comedian Lenny Bruce titillated his audiences with the F-word and crude sex talk, liberals came to his defense. They reminded us that vulgar speech is not a crime: The First Amendment was not just designed to protect uplifting expression, but also rarer blasphemous and indecent...