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Circus of the Vagina-gogues

faultroy Wrote: Sep 07, 2012 3:20 PM
Rather than joking about this, conservatives should be apalled how both Dems and Repubs are pandering to the lowest values of women. It also makes a sad commentary on the average woman today that can support these kinds of outrageous activities while at the same time decrying and condemning rape. We certainly have a double standard when it comes to women in America. We should eliminate this double standard--but the gender that wants to see it remain in place is--you guessed it women!
Arley2 Wrote: Sep 07, 2012 3:24 PM
Now exactly what is the "double standard" youi're talking about??

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Hide your children. This is what the progressive left's idea of women's empowerment looks like: For the past two weeks, radical feminists from the group Code Pink have paraded across the fruited plain in giant female reproductive organ costumes.

The goal is "respect" for women's bodies and women's abortion rights. It's part of the coordinated campaign to fight the right's purported "war on women." The Vagina Puppets' Democratic Party sympathizers, from professional birth control freeloader Sandra Fluke to first lady Michelle Obama, dog-whistled the same messages of "choice" and "freedom" from the convention stage.