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A Lawyer by Training, Obama Ignore Rules of Law

faultroy Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 8:59 AM
This is a funny column. Funny in a bizarre ironic way. The idea of Obama being a lawyer by training and flouting the law is actually an oxymoron. That is why lawyers get their juris doctorate--to flout the law. Now we all know this as part of the corrupt legal system. What I find laughable is that this columnist took so long to find out what we all already know. He's like the guy that shows up at the party to find that everybody had a good time and already went home.Get a clue. The legal system is one of the most corrupt institutions in the USA.

"The Illegal-Donor Loophole" is the headline of a Daily Beast story by Peter Schweizer of the conservative Government Accountability Institute and Peter Boyer, former reporter at The New Yorker and The New York Times.

The article tells how, a website owned by an Obama fundraiser who lives in China but has visited the Obama White House 11 times, sends solicitations mostly to foreign email addresses and links to the Obama campaign website's donation page.

The Obama website, unlike those of most campaigns, doesn't ask for the three- or four-digit credit card verification number. That makes it easier...