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and the danger for illegals: I wouldn't worry too much about this. Obama is for Obama and the illegals are in tremendous danger. If Obama is forced to reconsider because he is hurting the party, he will backtrack happily, after all the ends justifies the means. He will have all the illegal names and addresses so they can be rounded up in less than a day and he will ship them back one way ticket without blinking once, blacks are not too happy with his new found love for Hispanics and they might stop him, you are competing with them now, illegals, and he is part black. Remember, illegals, he said....if you like doctor, you can keep your doctor, so if press by his party interests, you will become sitting ducks. Obama only cares about himself and he will throw anyone under the bus, there are too many interests and obligation he has to answer to...and all for his agenda, and he is psychopath. Be careful, holy molly I am afraid you are being used like patsies.
Welcome to the Cesspool of the World!
James..she is just another "affirmative auction"...I just wonder about Harvard?,as I think is turning into an scum laude University
Most likely. Product of Affirmative Action, brainwashed and embittered by progressive professors that recognize them as an easy prey she believes to have been tortured and abused could not be anything else but another Scum Louded entitled to do as she please even if it goes against the Constitution. What else can you expect?
She is a Luis Gutierrez, a Jessie and a Sharpton, baiting the blacks as if they have not awakened.
I could be wrong, but I wouldn't do that. If the evidence is clear they should not downgrade themselves to offer $15,000 only when you cannot even live or buy a house for that amount. I would have appealed to their love of America, not that truth and America could be bought for a price.
They will send of their progressive brainwashed jihadists to perpetrate a mass killing, they are very angry that cannot win the gun control issue. They are capable of everything. Be watchful!
When someone uses their brains instead of their emotions the liberals come apart. In reality they have no excuse for their crazy ideas. America was not as like they want to paint it. It was great, it helped you if you wanted to help yourself, and I can say, that America saved my father in St. Mary's Hospital in Wisconsin from an aggressive type of cancer back in the 60's, he was a Cuban refugee, in his late 70's and we were poor, as new arrivals and although professionals we only worked in what became available and the pay was nothing. My father did volunteer work for that hospital, for he was "fired" as he was not proficient in English. This made him go to school to perfect it and in order to obtain his citizen.
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