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Help From Alabama Workers Being Denied in New Jersey Because They're Non-Union

Fatal2 Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 3:59 PM
Wow, since when did BP own the territorial waters off the United States? I had no idea they could control who tread upon their waters or who happened to be skimming oil off those waters just because they were the ones to dump it there. You sure about that BP made the decisions claim? Because, the U.S. Coast Guard might have something to say about that.

Utility crews from Alabama ready to help hurricane stricken and desperate people in New Jersey without power have been told to "stand down" and some are already headed back home. Why? Because they're non-union workers. Keep in mind there are still millions of people in New Jersey without power and many who have been stranded for days as a result. The crews drove 900 miles to reach the area effected by Sandy and this is how they were received:

Crews from Huntsville, as well as Decatur Utilities and Joe Wheeler out of Trinity headed up there this...