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Again, you speak as if you have some kind of special insight to what people really think or would really do despite what they actually say. Why do you think you have that ability? Nearly everyone in my part of the country would take up arms to defend the constitution, and of course, there is that little problem with the oath that every military member has taken to do the same.
If the libs got their dream of over-turning the 2nd Amendment by action of the Federal government and Federal courts - WITHOUT a 3/4 ths majority of the States voting for it, all they would accomplish would be to start anothe civil war.
" Fires more than 7 rounds . . ." So, nearly every single semi-automatic handgun made, even .22s are "Assault weapons"? Wow, if all our military needs to be armed with assault weapons is a bunch of .22 semi-automatic handguns, we could really save a lot of money on rilfes and ammunition.
"Despite what people SAY, 99% of gun owners WOULD NOT defy a federal gun ban or law." Really, why would you believe this is true? Or is it true because you are saying it? But you started out saying to ignore what people "say". Assuming you are a person, then by your own words, we should just disregard what you say, right? Oh, I know - you are GOD, therefor, not only are you not talking about yourself when you way to disregard what people say, you actually KNOW that the polls are wrong and that no person actually means what they say, right? Libs are just so darned smart! P.S. Its not risking prison or death for some stupid piece of metal, its risking prison or death for freedom and liberty.
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NRA Slams Biden Meeting

Fatal2 Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 12:08 AM
If a few more folks hadn't decided to stay home instead of voting for the squishy Mitt Romney, you would be looking for a real job instead of mindlessly gloating over a single election. How'd that old small senile party work out for you in 2010? Doubt the party got smaller in just 2 years. You guys need to yuck it up now, pay back is coming and I'd hate to be among the "low information" group.
Issuing all law-abiding CITIZENS real assault weapons at age 21 - AFTER they have been trained and qualified in their proper and lawful use, along with putting the voting age back to age 21, would go a long way towards making this nation safer and wiser.
Do you idiots (grabthis and useyour) really think anyone believes the garbage you post? It is so blatantly untrue and childish that only one of your typical low information voters would buy it, so why don't you post where they are more likely to hang out? Maybe try: Mom'
No parent that cares at all for their children, should allow them to attend public schools. The indoctrination is out of control. I do not believe teachers are all that special. That they are somehow wonderful selfless individuals who inspire children, who are underpaid and deserving of respect as loving people who give all of themselves to their precious charges. IMHO they are OVER paid (for a whole 9 months work), except for certain specialists, their job could be done by any adult of average intelligence regardless of their education. They are arrogant, self absorbed, self important little snits who, like most Americans these days, beleive they are a VICTIM of something or other and DESERVING and ENTITLED to so much more.
Do you have any idea of just how stupid everyone finds your posts? Off topic, irrelevant, poorly written attempts at propaganda that NO ONE IS BUYING! Sheesh yet another screen name for this doofus!
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BREAKING: Boehner Pulls "Plan B"

Fatal2 Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 9:13 PM
Gads, I can't believe people actually believe the Dems claim that the R's are holding middle-class tax CUTS hostage for the rich. THERE ARE NO TAX CUTS COMING!! THEY ARE LYING TO YOU!! Nothing for us normal folks except ANOTHER big ole tax increase. Obama's gonna tax us all right into the third world, just like he planned from the start. Enjoy your "fundamental transformation of America" you idiot Obama voters!
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