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House votes to avoid shutdown, delay Obamacare

FASTMAN2 Wrote: Sep 29, 2013 9:37 AM
GOOD JOB HOUSE........... White House: Obama will veto House shutdown bill Reid: U.S. Senate will reject new House bill to fund government I suggested 5 year delay, but 1 is probably even better. Now let this tribe try to blame the republicans for shutting down the government. The mutt has given passes for himself, congress and his buddies, even granted extensions/delays for those that kissed his as...ring so let him explain how HE will veto a delay for the common folk. Only the totally ignorant will not see where the Death of Our Nation is formulating, WH & senate. The Communist Party has been in America for many years and has remained low key. However, they have recently transformed themselves into a mainstream party...the Democratic Party! This, as proven by the current president's Socialist / Marxist agenda.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican-run House has voted to avoid a partial government shutdown next week but also delay President Barack Obama's health care law.

Because of that condition, the White House has promised the overall legislation will be vetoed. That means the two sides are edging closer to a shutdown of many federal services Tuesday morning, with no obvious solution in sight.

The House sent the legislation to the Democratic-run Senate early Sunday by 231-192.

The bill would delay much of the 2010 health care overhaul for a year. It would also repeal a tax on medical devices that helps finance the health...