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The F-Word Here is Not Freedom

farpstabber1 Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 10:10 PM
Waiting to hear how you would create jobs. Please do not try "deregulation". That is simply "a license to misrepresent, steal or lie".

The Old Media choir is making happy harmony, but a few cranks and screechers refuse to follow the hymnal and sing at the Church of Barack. They’re asking such inconvenient questions as, when will the president get around to making more jobs his Job One?

In the first term, there were public budgets to stimulate, crony palms to lubricate, car companies and health care to expropriate, and Wall Street bankers to exculpate. In term two, the president has declared gun control and immigration “reform” come first.

Struggling job-seekers—who haven’t given up and slipped...

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