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Drinking the Pro-Death Kool-Aid

Farmer5 Wrote: Apr 03, 2012 12:16 AM
Jan you said,"Keeping people "alive" under those circumstances is cruel and pointless." Cruel to who? The person that, "cannot talk, understand, eat, drink, take care of one's basic needs, walk, turn over, or otherwise function in ANY meaningful way?" The definition of cruel is; "deliberately and remorselessly causing pain or anguish." If their 'brain was gel" they are aware of neither pain nor anguish. Your argument about "cruelty" is self-referentially incoherent and it was not pointless to the Shindlers.

Lately, Americans have been quick to disparage other countries for their approach to life and death issues. In particular, many Americans have been outraged at the Netherlands’ policies regarding euthanasia, assisted suicide, infanticide and the killing of those with mental illnesses.

As Americans, we haven’t been entirely intellectually honest in addressing why these things have become so prevalent in Europe. After all, we would never allow that kind of immorality or degradation of human life. Not in this great nation. Right?


Americans had better look again and take the time to rethink their value systems. Because if you honestly believe...