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Short-sighted Petulance

far2right Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 7:48 AM
Idiot troll. What sort of moron would suppose that conservatives are against pensions per se? Pensions are great. Wished I had one. I voted for Romney. The problem with pensions that you morons can never understand is that when they become insolvent and the tax burden becomes too high, then they have to go. The problem with many local government pensions is that they have been raided by mayors to make up budget shortfalls. Same thing with SS. The trust fund has been raided. Now YOU will not receive the amount of SS payments you were supposed to get. This is what idiotic liberal/progressive politicians do. Not only do they never solve any problems. They make them worse than they were before.

Hostess employees insisted on continuing a strike, even as management noted that the company couldn't survive a prolonged union action. Now the employees won't have jobs at all, as their action has forced the company to liquidate.

On Black Friday, some Wal-Mart employees are planning on staging a walkout to protest alleged retaliation for employees who criticize the company. (Not surprisingly, union organizers -- angry that Wal-Mart isn't unionized -- are behind a lot of the controversy.)

Perhaps what all these petulant employees don't realize is that companies are in business to earn a profit.  If they can't, there...