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No Longer a Republican

far2right Wrote: Dec 22, 2014 10:08 AM
Mr. Barber, the proof of your conversion will be seen at the next elections. My bet is that you will hold your nose and vote for Jeb Bush, who WILL be the GOP nominee. And you will do that because you will not want Elizabeth Warren (not Shrillary) to be the first POTUS with a vagina. (I assume it has one.) As for me, I will not cast a vote for Bush. I did not for Alexander in my home state's senate race. I will not cast a vote for Corker either. I will continue to vote in state and local elections for constitutional conservatives. More impact is being made at the state and local level anyway. I would prefer that America suffer and learn its lesson under a 0bama or Warren regime than put a liberal republican like Bush in office.
It's because "you didn't build that".
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You Will Live Forever

far2right Wrote: Dec 08, 2014 8:18 AM
".. is up to you." No Mr. Barber, it is not up to you or me. It is up to God alone who has chosen who will be saved and who will be forever lost (Rom 9:11-13; Eph 1:4; Ths 2:13). God has chosen the outcome of all His creatures from the beginning. You do not get a choice. He is God, not you.
"Like the women in my life, She’s a mother, a daughter, and through it all she’s a loving wife." Her greatest accomplishment so far is being a daughter.
Ah, Ann has toy in hand and fantasizing over another Romney run.
I could not possibly make it thru the whole thing. No true country music fan will go for this tripe. They should have used a pop singer. But then again, that would be an attempt to appeal to the new kids crowd. Who, as 0bama said, want that new car smell (as opposed to old, stale and mossy).
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Attack Of The Mutants

far2right Wrote: Nov 30, 2014 8:56 AM
"But when a black person is the victim ..." Mr. Hunter, Brown was no victim. He was the perpetrator.
Here's a guy who gets it. Thanks for this post.
And Romney IS conservative? Right.
No, a weak and anemic Romney allowed everything you said. He was and remains pathetic.
He has had his days! Please Mitt. Stay home this time!
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