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Go marry your dog. It is your constitutional right.
Why not from the Bully in Chief? After all, he has no problem assassinating Americans outside the womb.
What do you expect from a Madcow?
Preborn babies are people, not an inconvenience to you clinically narcissistic, cowardly, brutal, cold blooded, savage, torturing, blood thirsty, murdering terrorist American feminist. Al Qaeda has nothing on the brutal American Gal Qaeda. Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot did not murder as many people as your terror group has. There can be no doubt that the American feminist is by far the most disgusting and repugnant and lowest form of humanity in the history of the world.
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The Pontiff and 'Climate Change'

far2right Wrote: Jan 08, 2015 4:28 PM
Africa wants coal-fired power. I think this Hispanic simply hates black Africans.
Yep, if they put Jebbie in I refuse to vote, period. I'd rather have another 4 yrs under Shrillary so that the the GOP and Ann Coulter learn their lesson.
Finally this socialist in clown garb said something worthwhile.
"I can't believe you people quoting your fool Bible nonsense and worshipping a mass murderer (your god). Your god murdered 99.999% of the people and animals on earth and you worship him???? (Noah's Ark story) FOOLS ALL". Idiot. You think that's bad? Not only did He kill all the life in the flood. Even worse than that, He condemned them to Hell where they will be tormented for an eternity. When He takes your life (Deu 32:39) that will be nothing compared to the eternity of torment facing you. The fact that a rebel like you are reading this and taking a breath is a mercy. Unless you are one of His elect, you will wish that you were never created.
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North Carolina's Ultrasound Law Blocked

far2right Wrote: Dec 30, 2014 9:01 AM
The American feminist terrorists can't handle the truth. Al Qaeda is JV compared to America's baby killing, terrorists Gal Qaeda. Can't even look their defenseless victims in the eye before they torture and tear them to shreds. America's feminist terrorists are without doubt the lowest form of human waste in the history of humankind.
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No Longer a Republican

far2right Wrote: Dec 22, 2014 10:08 AM
Mr. Barber, the proof of your conversion will be seen at the next elections. My bet is that you will hold your nose and vote for Jeb Bush, who WILL be the GOP nominee. And you will do that because you will not want Elizabeth Warren (not Shrillary) to be the first POTUS with a vagina. (I assume it has one.) As for me, I will not cast a vote for Bush. I did not for Alexander in my home state's senate race. I will not cast a vote for Corker either. I will continue to vote in state and local elections for constitutional conservatives. More impact is being made at the state and local level anyway. I would prefer that America suffer and learn its lesson under a 0bama or Warren regime than put a liberal republican like Bush in office.
It's because "you didn't build that".
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