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You got that right.... Time for all of this to stop. Put her in jail if she doesn't talk to Congress. She has talked to the Department of Justice so they say so share the information and then lets see what happens.
Send her to the Department of Justice and lets see what happens then. Obama said he wanted to get to the bottom of all of this so lets go. If Obama backs away from this we will know for sure that he is behind all of this. Time for this administration to give up the information. Lois can stop all of this by talking with Congress but until that happens treat her like a criminal. If she is a criminal take her benefits away.
I don't think so.. They might have gotten 6 million people to sign up but the number of people that actually got a health care plan is still unknown. I'm still looking for all of those uninsured people that should have signed up. They said these people would jump at the chance to get health insurance and that didn't happen. So this grand plan by Obama and the Democrats failed miserably.
Obama is having a helluva tie getting the people that had no insurance to sign up and all of this was designed for them. So I wonder what happened to them?
Obama-Care was built to insure some 30-47 million people that did not have insurance. That being the case we should see somewhere close to 30 million people signing up before March 31, 2014. That didn't happen they only got 6-7 million people that signed up. That means those 30-47 million people are still without insurance and this whole plan has failed completely. So where are all of these people? According to this law the Federal Government will now fine these 30-47 million people that didn't sign up.
I believe you are right. College with no job getting out of school and nothing to look forward to but having to pay for Obama-Care for their entire lives. The lie of the years brought them to Obama and now they are running away from Obama and that's good for them. Now they have learned a lesson in real life never trust a professional politician.
The Democrats should be frightened and panicked, they force the whole of America on a brand new entitlement plan that we didn't want and now this late in the game they still can't sell this ridiculous plan. It is a terrible way to get health care we were a lot better off before they started changing things around. We could have gone many different ways to solve the problems we had. Now we have nothing because no political party can create something that they know nothing about.
I had to hear her speak, it gives something to laugh about all day. I wonder if she is the only one that votes in her district? One vote from her and that's it.
I don't think the Founding Fathers would like Nancy Pelosi at all. This sound policy that Pelosi is talking about is tearing this country apart and she seems to believe it. I did hear her mention about enforcing the Obama-Care Plan on all of us. Enforcing is the biggest thing I got out of her little speech so they must be assuming that a lot of people will not enroll in Obama-Care.
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