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Yeah ya rght.
I was taught that using the term "we" always showed respect for everyone else. Obama has a temp job and will be removed from office soon but not soon enough.
If anyone did that right now they would be considered a racist. I hate to bring that up but I don't think Obama could have gotten away with many of his policies if belonged to a different race or political party. Sorry that's just how I see it.
Nice job Mr. Barone! I agree with you completely. Obama has his own self image that he wants to protect and nothing else matters. I have always thought that his policies were revenge politics. This is a man that didn't like the way the United States was run and is determined to change this country. People just need to look around to see the damage he has created in his near 6 years in office.
Damn son you should move on your nasty as hell.
Eric Holder should be put in jail. He of all people should stand up for the full enforcement of all laws but yet he hides in the shadows. The only time he comes out is to fill the needs of Obama pleasures. Eric Holder is the criminal and Eric Holder is the racist and Eric Holder should be impeached from his office. Eric Holder is the one that, as much as possible, describes this country as it was in the past. The black-white issues we do see to day come form Obama and Eric Holder and we need to take this country back fro these two to make our country whole again.
Don't forget phosphates removed from detergents.
Good Job! That nailed it and made my day to boot.
You know that those computer models will be coming after us real soon.
A man made problem! All humans should be eliminated because of their use of plastics. We don't want to disturb the planet at all. Mankind has harmed the planet and we can't have that, according to science. We are the problem? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ These people are insane! If we used anything on the face of this planet is makes it way to the oceans and we have been doing that since the beginning of time. Just think of all the blood that has been spilled in wars, that will ultimately make it's way to the oceans. Let's stop all wars so our toxic body fluids don't reach the oceans. Now that should be something to work on.
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