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"Not One of Us"

falling Wrote: Nov 02, 2013 2:29 AM
She changed the law, because previous governors had used the law to protect themselves from being sued for their corrupt behaviors! The law needed to be changed. BUT no one, not even Gov. Palin could know that someone like Obama would send his minions to place frivolous lawsuit after frivolous lawsuit against a candidate that they defeated! She had no way to know that Obama would be so vindictive or that the left would see her in action on the campaign trail and become so terrified of her electability that they felt they needed to end her political career, no matter how crooked they had to be to achieve it. The FBI are not the ones who were filing all the FOIA requests, it was the media. And after receiving everything they asked for even the media was forced to agree that she was not at all corrupt, in fact she was a very hard working woman who did great things for Alaska!
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The President Who Wasn’t There

falling Wrote: Oct 31, 2013 6:07 PM
Valerie Jarrett runs the day to day WH operations, but I'm sure there are others above her. Soros as his agenda and Jarrett's Iranian contacts have theirs. And none of them wish America any good
I would too, but he'd have to put it in writing because I don't believe a word any of the say during their campaigns anymore!
Sorry, but we heard that about McCain and Romney. And common sense conservatives knew it was a lie both times. The only thing McCain had going for him was Gov. Palin and the only thing Romney had going for him was the hatred of Obama...and it wasn't enough for either one.
Isn't this what they did with Romney? Gin up a lot of fake support polls and then the GOP INSISTED that only Romney would succeed against Obama...going totally against the common sense of every day conservative voters! They even had a week or so where we were told that maybe Christie should run...all to distract from the fact that they were pushing Romney down our throats. And of course the left loves it, because they know that should Christie win, he's just a Democrat light anyway!
Does the word hyperbole ring any bells? I am able to decide for myself what my family will eat...and I am capable of taking responsibility for the results of my decisions....apparently personal responsibility is not your strong suit! Government should not be in the business of providing school lunches at all...and they certainly should not be in the business of dictating what our children can and cannot eat!
What part of VOUCHERS did you miss? Tax payers should not be force to fund failing public schools when their children could be attending excellent private schools for half the price!
The problem is that American taxpayers are being forced to pay for a school lunch program that is ending up in the landfill instead fueling our children's school day!
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