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Where do you live? Here in Montgomery County, Maryland we seem to have had an unusually large number of deer killed on the Beltway this fall. Is that crueler for the deer, or would it be better to have an earlier, longer deer season, and for the county to 'thin the herd' in populated areas? Is it better for the deer to subsist in diminished habitats and starve in the winter? You write, "People who engage in the barbaric practice of hunting and trapping for no reason but a testosterone rush absent from the rest of their unevolved lives, lack the intelligence and resourcefulness...". Do you know how much money goes from the gun-owning part of the population into conservation? Even non-hunters pay a tax on the ammunition they use that goes to conservation projects. Why do non-shooter like you assign such ignorant motives to people who hunt? Couldn't it just be as simple as "meat tastes good"? Might they do it to walk in and enjoy the woods? I think you would find that hunters in fact have a very large respect for life, if you actually met one. "At judgment day, these callous, exploitative individuals will have much to answer for to the Creator." Won't we all...
Ronald, your comment shows the sort of touchy-feely ignorance that elephants in Africa are suffering for. Bachmann paid money to the guides, the porters, the places she stayed and bought food, and the State for a license. All of these entities are better off because of organized 'hunts', whether with guns or with cameras. Without this money coming in the locals will encroach into the habitat of the lions/elephants, etc. and allow poachers to kill the animals for body parts. With a wide swath of the population benefiting from the hunts, habitat is protected and the local people have an incentive to live together with the animals.
Well said! It drives me nuts that so many people get distracted with their brothers and sisters who agree with 70% of what they believe. The problem is the Democrats who disagree with 80% of what they believe, and are busy changing our country! Why is compromise something that the Republicans always have to do? Just another irritating issue - sorry.
Would you people calm down. For Marc above - you have to know what the law actually is. Obama claims he was born in Hawaii. Under the intended meaning of the Constitution that would make him a US citizen. The congressman is correct. The reality is that OBama is the President now, and we have to get on and deal with it. When he leaves office, we might be able to find out some new facts, but for now he is the President. When he leaves office, we can see about people going to prison for obstructing justice. For now, let's get on with setting OUR vision for the future of America...win in November! Birthers make me embarrassed about being a conservative. They're like the sports fan who talks about how the ref robbed them of the playoff game in high school.
"...back to my elitist existence". You are sooo right. Not only did you bring up your intellectual superiority, and manage to look down from your ivory tower at 'us 'Murricans', you managed to get it ALL wrong. What a hoot! In your arrogance you got the sense of the "antebellum" south and "Jim Crow" all wrong. The sense of "antebellum" is "Gone with the WInd", culture, and fancy parties (with slaves serving the food)...."Jim Crow" is redneck white Democrats intimidating black sharecroppers and taking their property, rights and lives from them. (I did point out the Democrat part...). An American 'liberal arts' college couldn't teach a traditional Liberal Arts education these days. Too many white men teaching "great books" or orthodox philosophy (Shakespeare and Plato). Where is 'judgment'? Where is space for 'grievance' and 'justice'? Way too much judgment on measurable outcomes! And why is it that liberals keep co-opting other people's language? A classic "Liberal" would more likely be Ted Cruz than an Ivy League sociology graduate. The product of a classical liberal-studies program would be well suited to law school, because they would have learned to think for themselves, and how to use facts to make their point. People like you make their point by demeaning people they disagree with as being stupid (or racist, etc.).... And very funnily make my point really well.
I was going to ask if you've been to college, only I see soliton2 has been there already. Most colleges require that the electives a student chooses come from a variety of 'concentrations'. You can bet that one of the concentrations is going to make everyone choose to take something in Womyn's Studies, etc.
You'll have to explain how the WTC would still be standing but for something that Bush's staff missed. Obama by himself is making himself one of the worst presidents ever. We have never had a recession take so long to emerge from. All of his policies are SOO anti business, and he keeps repeating himself. His healthcare thing is an example of willfully putting your foot into a bear-trap! The word "moron" has come up in a different context elsewhere here. For Obama and his cronies it is more than deserved.
And yet a larger percentage of the people of Iraq voted in their elections, when there was a significant chance that they would be killed for doing so, than voted in the recent election that brought Obama back to power. Who would have thought such "backward" people would go for that!
Meanwhile, Obama used armed force in Libya without consulting Congress under the pretense of stopping the murder of innocent citizens by a despot, but has allowed a multiple of those deaths by another despot in Syria. Bush was president for 8 years, so from 2008 hasn't it been Obama's war? Didn't Obama say Afghanistan was the "good war"?...and aren't we getting out of that on a caledar schedule where we will have NO influence over what we leave behind? Right now Iraq is allowing Iran to overfly with material and fighters to support Assad. Doesn't this continue the massacre that Obama said he wouldn't tolerate in Libya? Oh well, everything else is Bush's fault, so this must be too.
Bigdog - "I was defending your right to breathe"...Is that a chest bump? What is the difference between an assasination and a missile suddenly taking out a bad guy and his family? You'll have to explain.
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