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Senator Cornyn, RINO-TX, 2nd in GOP Leadership.
Every Loyalist Repug voting to fund ACA proves what Cruz revealed; that the GOP lies and spits upon their own voters. 19 GOP Senators voted to fight for their constituents, and rest of them voted for ObamaCare. Stop voting for them, I'll vote for the Dem that challenges Texas Senator (RINO) in the next election. I contribute my small share to primary challengers...against RINO's.
If you want to actually claim impact on the 'system' you'll support $ primary challengers, like Bevin against McConnell.
Such is drivel posing as intellect.
The saddest part of this for me is that Senator Cruz's actions aren't radical, cost him a night's sleep, and garner some slings and arrows. The balance of the GOP doesn't even respect me enough to orate on my behalf. Senator Cornyn and McConnell have led the GOP caucus since ACA passage in a business as usual fashion. never fighting any fight. The GOP isn't even an opposition party. It is more corrupt than the filth of the Left.
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Ted Cruz, the GOP's Obama

FalconFlight Wrote: Sep 25, 2013 10:19 AM
If you do not energize a voting base, if you fail to include the rank and file, and more importantly broaden the voters base, you cannot move the electorate. Senators should be ideological animals, not super bureaucrats.
It shows how the GOP is filled w/ State Loyalists. Cruz so far is more trustworthy than Rand Paul, and certainly Rubio. This is a necessary process. When the rank and file start financially supporting primary challengers and voting in the primaries to oust the feckless and lying GOP Establishment, we will have the Party we deserve and have been promised for decades.
Senator Cruz is setting the table for future promote and involve the rank and file. He further is pulling back the curtain on the GOP for the elitist scum that they are and how they the GOP couldn't care less about our rights. He is hated because he refuses to wallow in the cesspool.
They won't bow now, by in the end...they'll bow alright....
Yawn, another RINO.
I've already contributed to Mrs. Mace. $25 makes a big difference if thousands contribute. It's all about the primaries.
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