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This is your fundamental change and transformation. Lazy, ignorant Merkians deserve a jackboot on their quivering blob of a neck.
What do you expect from the 'culture of death' or for that matter, their US affiliates of the Left?
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Weaker by the Week

FalconFlight Wrote: Oct 17, 2013 6:22 PM
I can't but despise the GOP Loyalists, and even if I can't have TP type officials, I'm going to do everything I can to defeat the RINOs, include voting in the general election for DemPervs. I'll not condone pigs like the dead pig Spector, or the walking dead like McConnell, Cornyn, McCain and Graham to vote as they wish, after lying to their constituents to gain office. Better the enemy in plain sight, than a Quisling pig like so many in the GOP.
I saw that as well. Many of the so called conservatives actually don't score as high as most think. Such as Senator John Cornyn, RINO-TX
I'll take either Mark Levin or Ted Cruz. He could do both...legally
I will vote a Dem over a RINO from now on if that's my only choice. RINO's lie and spit on their rank and file. I will not enable them with lifetime Offices. RINO's care not about leading, they simply want reelection.
We need 5 more to win this election cycle. Senate Conservative Fund (DeMint is the founder).
Exactly, that's how the now Senator Cruz shot to victory...with many thousands of small contributors like me.
We need to stop putting the R after their name and state. Like my guy...Senator John Cornyn, RINO-TX
Cornyn-Care, Senator John Cornyn, RINO-TX
Senator Cornyn, RINO-TX, 2nd in GOP Leadership.
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