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Frankly, I could care less about anyone's opinion about diarrhea, and I certainly don't want to know about the Clinton's child's bout of...
What issue? Diarrhea?
Who cares other than Beohner, McConnell, and the rest of the Loyalist GOP?
So 76% say be damned individual rights....'for the greater good' is the motto of the DemPervs and the Repugnant Loyalists. I'm not surprised. Merikans are the peasants of the 21st Century. jmo
Government monopoly of health care was always the goal. Many of the DemPervs openly admit that "obamacare" is merely the vehicle to force the destruction of free enterprise, free choice health care.
Mind your own business Leftist terrorist.
Hard to decide which Party is more disgusting.
Let's consider the lost elections managed by Mr. Preibus....He and the RNC, and the House and Senate campaign committees can go to hell. Not a dime for their lying mouths.
This is your fundamental change and transformation. Lazy, ignorant Merkians deserve a jackboot on their quivering blob of a neck.
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