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North Dakota to End Abortions That Stop a Beating Heart

faithhopecharity Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 6:53 PM
Start enjoying the gift of life you have and all you for whom you are responsible. Life is a gift! Life is precious! Live! Choose Life, not Death.

On March 15, the North Dakota senate approved a bill that prevents abortions from being performed once a developing child’s heartbeat is detected in the mother’s womb.

This heartbeat can usually be heard “six to seven weeks into a pregnancy,” so it’s after that point that abortions will be prohibited in the state if Gov. Jack Dalrymple signs the bill.

Besides protecting life once a heartbeat is detected, North Dakota lawmakers passed a bill prohibiting “sex-selective abortions and abortions based on a diagnosis of genetic abnormality.”

Until this current pro-life push by North Dakota lawmakers, the most significant abortion ban...