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Don't You Dare Open a Door for Me!

faithhopecharity Wrote: Dec 14, 2012 8:05 AM
Great article! Wow! What statistics show from one sinking ship to another! I am blessed to be surrounded by gentlemen; however, when leaving this delightful sphere, such as, when I'm traveling by plane...LOOK OUT! I am astounded at the race to the boarding person...every man for himself! Basically, we kicked the pedastool out from under our own feet. I don't necessarily see these men as brutes but rather indifferent or enough is enough, get your own door. Sad--a real loss for real women but not misguided feminists.

Chivalry is back in the news. The always-alert Charles Murray of the American Enterprise Institute draws our attention to an item in the Psychology of Women Quarterly. A new study on what the authors are pleased to call "benevolent sexism" (which, as Murray translates, seems to mean gentlemanly behavior) found that both women and men are happier when men behave like gentlemen.

This being a sociological publication, though, the findings are not written in English, but rather in academic argot. It's full of sentences like this: "A structural equation model revealed that benevolent sexism was positively associated with diffuse...

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