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Obviously, the education this man has been provided is to NOT answer a question he chooses to NOT answer. Perhaps they'll teach and require honesty vs. lie, lie, and and more lies. Perhaps they'll teach answer the question vs. giving non-answers. We taxpayers are paying for liars like him to not answer questions.
This just in...the 3 bears are giving Matt in N.C. a standing ovation!!! Thanks Matt for responding to the dumb blonde...charitable at best.
I haven't watched SNL since Chevy Chase, Gilda..I must say that was really awful. That sort of soft porn is on tv? This is why the tyrant is in office, because people are dead-brained. It wasn't funny, it was awful. I am thankful to be free from tv, and thinking Americans can experience greater freedom by turning tv off. I guess the main point is that someone on msm (which I don't watch) is finally noticing the Emperor has no clothes. I pray impeachment proceedings begin real soon, don't you?
Thanks Sean! A regime in there not one who will begin impeachment proceedings against this amoral, destructive President?
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Zombie Liberals Strike Back!

faithhopecharity Wrote: Oct 13, 2013 1:37 PM
Ditto with DrawThe_Line! Fun, fun, fun on Sunday;)
Didn't obama just promise this thief 300 million to help bail out detroit? Impeach the imposter already.
One Nation Under God...and Justice For All. This president, his regime, and 95% of the democrats in congress are reprehensible. I pray the Priests are obediant to God, not man. I pray they risk all for their very special vocation.
I would love to see some courage and backbone in all news reports. I would also like to see some real organization among us all. Make your own "yard/window" sign or even sandwich sign to wear that says (1) No Mr. President! (2) Impeach President (3) No Obamacare (4) Fund the Government line by line AND RID TAXPAYERS OF THEIR BURDEN. (Did I miss anything?)
Thanks Ann. I actually watched you on a Firing Line with Mr. Buckley (viewable on Amazon). Don't ever stop. As for Senator Cruz, the man has Hutzpah! I luckily have not tuned in (nor do I ever) to the msm who will look for every old guard Republican (that must be funded by Soros, too) ...and we know who those blast Senator Cruz. They did this in the Republican Primary with Rick Santorum and every potential candidate that wasn't under their thumb. Truly disgusting and so they defeat themselves. So, five people or so in this country want this unaffordable Obamacare to be funded while all the rest of the country spend their money trying to stop it and the HHS mandate. Personally, I'm losing charity with this regime and have begun to pray for lightening bolts to strike beginning in the oval office.
The ongoing cost of tyranny...we are paying through the nose with this regime from every facet possible.
Unfortunately, the USCCB does not speak for Catholics. Not all Bishops are under the spell of USCCB...if only more than 50% were courageous enough Apostles, it would be shut down for all of its anti-Catholic actions/inactions. The USCCB should close down and stop making broad "political" support for something they no-nothing-about (i.e., Affordable Care Act fiasco). Unfortunately, most Catholics are not even aware of the many, many problems that need addressing within the Bride of Christ. Please, brothers and sisters in Christ, go to and begin with the initial F.B.I.(formerly C.I.A.) show for just an intro of what has happened. As for Pope Francis, I haven't read his entire statement; however, I am certain his love for humanity in all humility speaks clearly. However, I'm certain he has not been told all of the facts, as well.
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