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Of Course: UN Human Rights Council Pays Tribute to Hugo Chavez

FairnessMan Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 12:39 PM
Will little ugly Joe Kennedy, Carter and Obama attend the funeral? Wonder if Obama will tear down that damaged Washington Monument and build one to his pal Chavez?

So, about that $85 billion in sequester money... why don't we just start pulling some of our funding from the United Nations? As the world knows by now, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez finally died this week after a long battle with cancer and a recent re-election riddled with fraud. Despite terrible living conditions in the country and Chavez' confiscation of private property on demand, the UN Human Rights Council paid tribute to him yesterday. More from CNSNews:

The U.N. Human Rights Council was criticized Wednesday for holding a minute of silence to honor Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez,...