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Americans Deserve the IRS

FairnessMan Wrote: May 29, 2013 3:22 PM
Americans deserve the Yellowstone underground piece of hell to take out the western half and a nice 10 mile wide diameter comet to take out the eastern half of this country.
We don't mind paying $882 per month for my wife's individual BC/BS policy and the $300 or $400 per month for my Medicare A,B,C,D,E,F,G...,Z plus supplemental and out of pocket for drugs not covered by Pt. D. We are happy as pigs in $hit as long as all the illegal invaders, welfare cows, cops, teachers and other public parasites get theirs free and we can pay for theirs also.
Probably 75% were queers attacking other solders of the same sex in our wonderful, diverse, tolerant military.
Joe Biden Quietly Prepping for 2016 White House Run. You have got to be $hitting me.
It's getting to the point where human and intelligence can't be used in the same sentence. Those chimps and dolphins should pass us up in a few thousand years, or sooner.
There are thousands of other morons in the entertainment industry that also should be boycotted. And, who or what is Psy, Moby and Kayne West? I should be very proud I have never heard of 3 of the 10.
I get that tingle up my leg when I think about, see or hear Reagan - a real man, a real patriot, a real president. How did we go from him to the POS Commie thug in only 28 years? Let's see, the minorities invading and multiplying like rabbits and the rest are on a crash course in liberalism in the Commie controlled schools.
I have noticed for some time that Leno is moving to the right. Good for him. No wonder he is being replaced by the liberal morons running NBC. However, Lettergirl is a completely different story. I can't watch that liberal ahole anymore.
SOB in this context is just a figure of speech. No disrespect intended.
Every poor SOB that gave his life for this once great country must be spinning in his/her grave and saying I wasted my life, seeing the Commie $hit hole it has turned into under the mental disorder of liberalism and its' God, Obama.
No matter what BS he vomits out, the Commie, criminal, thug, Ba$tard Obama really wishes that Oklahoma and all blue states would be completely wiped out so there would be many fewer Republican/Conservative voters.
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