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5 Ways Liberals Hurt The Poor

Factualist Wrote: May 03, 2014 5:53 PM
This list leaves out the disastrous poverty trap created by welfare programs. Definitions of “the poor” always quote earned income levels, leaving out the value of welfare. Google “welfare cliff” to see a graph, prepared by Gary Alexander, Secretary of Public Welfare in Pennsylvania, which shows that a single mother of two earning $29,000/year has an effective after-tax income of $57,314, including welfare benefits. This is not poor by any reasonable standard, but it is not wealthy, either. If she gets a raise to an earned income of $30, 000, she loses food stamps and housing benefits, so her effective net income actually FALLS to $49,000/year – i.e., a raise of $1,000 costs her $8,000! In other words, the effective marginal tax rate on that increase is 900%! The sad truth is that she is better off earning $29,000 than at any earned income level below $69,000! Since there is no way she can suddenly increase her earnings by $40,000, she has to reject all opportunities to earn more than $29,000. She is thus trapped, living a modestly middle-class life, but with no chance of fulfilling the American dream. Even worse, she will always vote to maintain the trap that imprisons her by choosing Democrats, because losing her benefits would mean a sudden reduction in her standard of living with no way to compensate by earning more. The poverty trap is a disgusting, cynical scheme imposed by Democrats that keeps millions in fairly comfortable poverty in order to ensure that they will vote Democrat. If or when Republicans regain control, it will be difficult to change this system without driving those millions into real poverty. The best solution is to taper off benefits as incomes increase, instead of ending them abruptly at some specified income, so that net income actually increases with earned income, even if only by something like 25 cents per dollar. Once that is in place, a slow reduction in the level of benefits would compensate for the increased public cost of tapered benefits and also motivate recipients to find better jobs and earn more money.
In New York (and similarly in other jurisdictions), depraved indifference murder is defined as an act that “was imminently dangerous and presented a very high risk of death to others and ,,, was committed under circumstances which evidenced a wanton indifference to human life or a depravity of mind.” If it can be shown that Obama withheld aid to the people in Benghazi because sending reinforcements would have undercut his election campaign, that behavior clearly meets the above definition. In that case, impeachment, removal from office and a criminal trial are absolutely essential. We need to send an unmistakable message to all politicians that politically motivated malfeasance will not be tolerated, and that the perpetrators of egregious examples such as this can expect many years in jail.
"Current immigration law has inadvertently resulted in a vast low-skill migration." That is not inadvertent. Democrats are the party of the poor, and therefore they have a vested interest in perpetuating poverty in this country. They favor low-skill immigration because these people will be dependent on government handouts and will therefore be reliable Democrat voters once they become citizens. High-skill immigrants are likely to contribute to the economy and therefore make money, which means they might vote Republican. Can't have that. This is another disgusting example of the Democrats putting politics ahead of the national interest.
A conservative 3rd party would split the Republican vote and guarantee Dem dominance for the foreseeable future. The best we can do is to challenge incumbents in both Republican and Democrat primaries. Perhaps we can nominate more conservative candidates -- but it is worth replacing incumbents even if we can't change the ideological makeup of the Congress. Getting rid of a substantial number of entrenched incumbents of either party would put the rest on notice that they will face expulsion in future elections if they don't start doing their jobs and serving the people instead of their own aggrandizement.
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