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The 2012 Lame Duck Session is Here

factsrknown Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 10:33 AM
America was once 50% of the world's economy. Who was in charge in DC during the decline from that 50%? The Dimocraps and the Ripofflicans thats who! It's far past time for them ALL to voted out on their arces! These folks are like hiring arsonists to be our firemen! They got paid to burn the house down with us inside. Whenever anyone yells about smelling smoke these bad jokes tell us they have everything under control and not to worry they will fix it. Well what has EVER gotten fixed? They make a problem, then fix it, and it always gets worse!! They need to be voted out, investigated, tried, and when found guilty. Have all their ill gotten assets seized, then issued orange jump suit with CONVICT on the back , and put in those FEMA trailers!

It's been nearly a week since Barack Obama was re-elected president and today the 2012 lame duck session officially begins as the fiscal cliff looms.

—The expiration of Bush-era tax cuts on income, investments, married couples and families with children and inheritances.

—A $55 billion, 9 percent cut to the Pentagon next year and another $55 billion in cuts to domestic programs, including a 2 percent cut to Medicare providers.

—The expiration of unemployment benefits for the long-term jobless and a sharp cut in reimbursements for doctors participating...