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Emails Catch White House Lie on Green-Energy Loans

Fabius Cunctator Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 2:28 PM
RE: Milt37 2:04 PM RE: Ad Hominem Comments My response: Are you capable of intelligent rebuttals, or do only know how to insult people?

When he is confronted about the failed green-energy loan program, President Obama deflects blame—pointing to “career bureaucrats” in the Department of Energy (DOE) who supposedly approved the loans that have become an embarrassment to the White House. 

For months, along with researcher Christine Lakotos, I’ve been reporting on, first, the junk-bond rated projects (such as Solyndra) that received fast-tracked approval from the DOE and, then, the failed and troubled stimulus funded companies. Solyndra was just the tip of the iceberg. Embarrassment after embarrassment has come to light as the projects touted as the hope for America’s future have filed...

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