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FA Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 4:40 PM
Jeff: Anne Coulter was wrong, Mitt Romney was the most electable of the GOP primary runners. She never said he was the best GOP candidate ever, but he was still much better than McCain, the worst dufus the GOP ever ran, a man fairly odious to most conservatives.
FA Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 4:45 PM
What I meant to say is that Anne Coulter was RIGHT, Mitt Romney WAS the most electable of the GOP primary runners. The trouble is, neither he, nor Ryan, nor any of the other folks who have run for the past 30 years know how to talk to Americans. They don't know how to communicate, they can't explain to the average Joe how the Democrats are the party of "immediate gratification", and the GOP stands for long term gratification, how lowering taxes actually create jobs, why Profit is a great thing, not a bad thing, how capitalism does not foster greed any more than socialism does, how corporations do not pay corporate taxes but that customers DO, etc.

In the end, it was another Democratic Party rout.  On Election Day, President Obama defeated Mitt Romney by over three million popular votes and 126 electoral votes.

The President won every battleground state except one and ushered in to Congress two more Democrats in the Senate and at least seven more in the House. While Obama recorded seven million fewer votes than in 2008, Romney was one million votes shy of reaching John McCain’s losing total.

Although it was not a landslide, it was nowhere near the nail biter that many GOP pundits and consultants...