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Somehow I don't think murdering someone in a drunken stupor and then covering it up, qualifies for resting in peace you POS old bag.
Yes, Holding a POS person in government accountable for his/her deadly, illegal actions is so politically motivated, kind of like granting amnesty illegally to illegals there you f u c k i n g P O S Obama. Is it illegal to invite the POTUS to your house so you can kick his a s s?
That's my man. This is what all Republican congressmen should be doing. Standing up and yelling about the corruption. Trey Gowdy for president.
Chicago politics at it's finest! Protect the corruption at all costs. Our new government in November better do away with all this executive order/privilege bull, and then overturn every executive order this POS president has made. If anyone should have their head on a stick it's this entire administration.
Why are the Republicans being such puzzies about this? This SOB Holder has had ample time to get his chit together. Find him in contempt already, GD weasel. This just proves that that both sides are all in this together. This hearing is all for show. The Republicans probably go out and have dinner and drinks with Holder after these meetings and they all have a good laugh. Throw out every bum in office 2012.
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Holder in the Hot Seat

F_This Wrote: Jun 07, 2012 2:43 PM
Blacks covering for criminal blacks in office. That's all that was. Lee and Watts didn't like the tone used by Issa against the black Eric Holder, so they opened their big monkey mouths. Issa has every right to be furious with Holder, he has not given the required documents, under subpena I might add, because he his covering his a s s. People such as Watts, Conyers, and Sheila Jackson Lee, should be kicked out of the hearings if they can't keep their mouths shut. It is a complete disgrace that people like this are even in a government position. I wonder if Jackson Lee would open her fat mouth like that if a white person had caused this and was under questioning? Of course she wouldn't.
I just realized this. Remember in school all the good looking people hung out together and all the ugly people did the same? It's obvious that as we grew up, the ugly people that were made fun of turned into hateful, nasty, liberals, and the good looking people became keep to themselves conservatives. It all makes since now. The ugly people (liberals) hate the good looking people (conservatives) and they want to take our money. Good looking people already have their looks, why do they also need money. So the ugly liberals want to take our money to distribute to less fortunate (ugly) people like them.
When will someone have the balls to put Obama and Holder in jail for obstruction of justice?
Come to my house Jesse. I'd be glad to show you the finer points of owning a firearm.
Look people! The war has already started. With this administration openly doing s&*t like this, it just shows you that they don't care what we (american citizens) think, their going to pizz and chit all over us and the Constitution. The war has already started, it just hasn't gotten physical yet. Do your part and boycott any liberal, socialist business and vote the entire regime out ASAP.
So you lose 10 temporary green jobs. Better than losing trillions in taxpayer money you dumbazz.
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