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Thank you Jan for being a true American and don't give up. Bye the way, would you mind running for congress?
As a taxpaying American Right Winger, I demand you stop taking money from me as a person you hate a z z hole!
I can't stand this country anymore. I need hope and change just not from old purple lips. I need hope that all liberals will leave this country and Obama, Holder, and anyone else covering Obama's backside will be in jail before long.
The problem with that statement is that minorities don't get abortions because another kid adds an extra $800 per month in welfare. The only people getting abortions are the ones with sense to know that they can not support any children at that time.
Well, I've pretty much decided that if Obama wins again, my 44 year old, born and bred a s s will move out of this country. I'll move to a country that is worthy of my tax money and that is not full of idiots that elect dumbazzes into office.
Could someone please put an old dog out of his misery? At a certain point, dogs need to be put down. As awful as that is, it is necessary to keep the dog and the family from suffering. The family is really, really suffering and the dog does not serve it's purpose anymore.
The Forefathers new a day like this would come, that's why they gave all Americans the Constitutional right to throw said government out on their azzez. Our tax code is so overbearing and cumbersome, because the government keeps adding to it, that adding this much more tax code will destroy us. Has anyone tried dealing with the IRS. It's an absolute disaster. When you call them it's like talking to a three year old. I own a business and I spend more time and money paying an accountant to fix IRS screw ups than I ever thought possible. The IRS is a waste of money.
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Unemployment Rate Holds at 8.2%

F_This Wrote: Jul 06, 2012 5:21 PM
Everyone do a google search on U6. Thisgive you the real unemployment rate, which is 14.9%. Not the fake one of 8.2% the MSM gives us.
Isn't it illegal for Kagan to vote on a bill that she wrote? Therefore, the vote stands 4-4, not 5-4.
Somehow I don't think murdering someone in a drunken stupor and then covering it up, qualifies for resting in peace you POS old bag.
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