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Sorry...I have found that that simple line explains a lot of the liberal mindset for me.
"In my world everyone is a pony, and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies."
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"An Act of Terrorism"

Okay...The bomber/s did not do this because they were mad over a flat tire. This was done in order to inspire terror in the American populace. By definition it is terrorism. The bandy with words is the descriptive that would go in front of the word "terror", but it is terrorism regardless. Also it is textbook terrorism, a large outdoor gathering with lots of participants and cameras to boot.. Doesn't get any better than that for someone intending to induce terror.
So they are gonig to have to confiscate the weapons of every military member who deployed to the Middle East. They were ALL on anti-malarial medication that can cause psychotropic nightmares during their deployment.
The Redundancy Department of Redundancy is alive and well
I think not moron...the Wookies' one trip to Paris cost more than all of Bush's during his second term combined...since the only places he went on vacation was to Camp David or Crawford TX neither of which require the 2 month advon team to clear and prep; or the hundred hours of flying time for the 6 C17s needed to move all the equipment and personnel needed for them.
Except for that part where his is the most watched show on any cable news channel.
Exactly my point...they don't want equality...they want exceptions to the law for them and for religions to accept them. The thought process is that if states approve that will force churches to perform them. Which then gets into serious Constitutional powers and separation of Church and State.
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Green Tyranny

As I said yesterday...we are required to live in pre-existing holes in the ground, eat only gathered food from the ground (can't harm living things), burn our own feces for heat (cow farts are bad), and die at an early age. the Green Utopia!
I am not against gay marriage...many states recognize it via community property laws with domestic partners. GLAAD only wants marriage recognized up front by government and it only has everything to do with money...listen to the settlements for survivors, tax breaks, and the list goes on. My brother-in-law is gay, he was taken to the cleaners by his ex partner when the partner left him for another man and got $320K and half the house money and a car. As always follow the money.
I have listened to all the ecofacists for many years, was stationed in California for years with the military. I have determined that according to all their blathering we must live in pre-existing holes in the ground, wear no clothes, be gatherers only (hunting would harm animals), and burn our own feces for energy (no cows, their farts hurt the atmosphere) since we can't cut down trees either.
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