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Sorry, the entire system is wrong. If something happens to a pregnant woman caused by another person and the unborn child is killed that person can be charged with murder. But if the woman decides she doesn't want the unfeeling, unthinking lump of flesh in her body she can dispose of it. Hypocrisy much?
"Simply put, Pelosi is either lying through her teeth here -- or woefully misinformed. I’ll let you decide." My guess is she is "stuck on stupid".
I was going to say the same thing. I had to kick out several folks for gov credit card fraud.
Outrage...not here. Just really saddened that the obliviots at HGTV did not even realize the inappropriateness of using the flag in such a way. It is extremely disheartening to realize how naive many people are about their country and the world around then in general. It also shows how badly our national identity has been eroded.
You can fight the asthma if no symptoms for years. You have to contact at least a State Representative or higher and have them do an inquiry into why that person cannot join for something from that is obviously not a problem anymore. They will require all the medical records and then a subsequent physical by a specialist. I was a military recruiter once upon a time and recruited a young lady in who had that exact situation. She is still in the military after 15 years and doing excellent.
I have a different take on it. Environmentalism is another way for so-called greedy capitalists to take advantage of idiots. Why else would the biggest supporters of the global warming hoax also be the biggest holders of carbon credit companies. It is only another way to make money off the obliviots. In their own warped way they are the ultimate capitalists since their ends (self wealth) more than justify the means.
Amen to that!!! I always celebrate all the days of the week that end in Y.
I always quote "Galaxy Quest" on this subject..."Never Give Up, Never Surrender!"
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