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The Atheist Response to Sandy Hook

exterminate Wrote: Jan 16, 2013 3:07 AM
There is a god because I can't see him, isn't silly? You believe in Bigfoot, too, right Marie? I've read about him, I've heard others swear that they exist, so you would be silly not to believe it, right? Atheists don't believe that there isn't a God because bad things happen. Do you believe that bad things don't happen to those that believe? Does your god allow that? No, he doesn't allow it, does he? He manifests it, as he is all powerful. He MAKES bad things happen to good people that believe. Either that, or he is not all powerful, and I don't think you want to claim that out, do you?
Marie150 Wrote: Jan 16, 2013 8:44 AM
Exterminate is not a nice name.

I do believe that people choose to do bad things because our hearts are desperately wicked.

BUT God can take the bad things that we do and use them for good to those who trust Him.

We really do have choice in this world. God respects us more than we respect ourselves.

Man can no longer stand in the presence of God without being destroyed. And man's body dies. And his soul lives on. Doomed to eternity without God.

BUT God provided a solution. To those that want to know Him and draw near to Him God provided a way. The REDEEMER Jesus Christ. Covers our sin with His own blood. We get credit for His perfect obedience to the Father. Jesus walked in God's will every moment. We cannot understand that.
Last week the New York Times published an opinion piece that offered atheism's response to the evil/tragedy in which 20 children and six adults were murdered at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut.

What prompted Susan Jacoby to write her piece was a colleague telling her that atheism "has nothing to offer when people are suffering."

She wrote the piece, "The Blessings of Atheism" ("It is Here and It is Now!" screams the subhead) to prove her colleague wrong by offering a consoling atheist alternative to religion's consoling belief in an afterlife. Atheists cannot believe that there is any...

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