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That's what we call delusional and subject to prevarication. A homosexual sociopath ignores his/her role in racism but believes the borderline psychotic among him/her should be allowed to engage in serial rapes, serial killings, mass murders, domestic murder suicides, inner city gang violence and teach children sadomasochistic sexual behaviors, a continuation of adolescent suicidal ideation, in addition to supporting pedophilia_ephebophilia. You're a sick p_huck, matthew466.
That's because homosexuals and bisexuals within our primary and secondary school systems are insane, if not intellectually deficient.
Then you are clearly delusional if not prone to prevarication..........
Homosexuals and bisexuals within primary and secondary education systems are buttphucking stupid individuals.
sociopathic homosexuals and bisexuals that would eradicate the BIll of Rights if not unilaterally abrogate the COTUS. Gay ‘marriage’ not a right, prohibiting gay adoption not ‘discrimination’: European Court of Human Rights (REJECTION OF THE SOCIAL ACTIVISM OF THE APAs/ABA AND THE SWEDISH MODEL IN THE INTEREST OF CHILDREN) Russians overwhelmingly endorse ‘gay propaganda’ ban
Did HoG just compare the immutability of race to the psychological affliction known as homosexuality? Miscegenation is the same as sexual behavior? Nothing but duplicity from homosexuals and bisexuals, regardless of academic or professional accreditation.
Guess you have to decline the offer..................
Idiot, it's not about sociopathic homosexuals and's about knowingly placing children in a borderline caretaker environment consisting of the dysfunctional homosexual bisexual dyad.......future sadomasochists, serial rapists, serial killers, mass murderers, domestic murder suicides and inner city gang violence is solely the purview of borderline psychotic homosexuals and bisexuals. Why do you want to put children in borderline caretaker environments?
How else are they going to protect the borderline psychotic among them responsible for serial rapes, serial killings, mass murders, domestic murder suicides and inner city gang violence?
And before the homosexuals and bisexuals go off on tangents, how is your homosexual bisexual behavior different than any other homosexual bisexual across the globe?
TH has always been a social liberal website masquerading as conservatives. The Salem News Network is comprised of progressive Republicans and libertarians aka homosexuals and bisexuals.
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