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Will you change your tune when your leaders take your stuff for redistribution to even lower forms of life?
I am ashamed of the way the vice president conducted himself during the debate. I expected better from him even though I knew he has become little more than the blow hard mouthpiece for obama.
These types are likely to be paid shills.
Another bunch of governemnt staff following orders from disreputable leadership who are political appointees of the current corrupt administration. Happens all the time - just doesn't make the news. Most career feds are decent people, who just want to keep their jobs, but are forced to compromise their integrity to do so.
If we can't rid ourselves of the ruinous people that are in charge now, I won't be surprised if mobs march on the homes of scum like this woman and hold them personally responsible.
I'm guessing that little debbie was referring to all those dead people who vote. And thanks to the criminals currently in charge at the DOJ, charges will be filed against anyone that stands in the way of any dead voter.
I'm no anarchist, but if I were to approach the democrat's convention while wearing a mask and carrying a pipe or eggs filled with acid, I would be shot before I ever got close.
You have to wonder who was pitching and who was catching...
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Donating to Obama -- Against Our Will

EXFED4 Wrote: Aug 17, 2012 11:46 AM
This is proven by the relocation of many manufacturing jobs overseas. No sense in companies supporting crooked unions or any of the other negativity from leftists.
Of course you stick by your story. This is what America has come to expect from the creatures that have come to power these days. There is surely no depth to which you will sink to fool enough people to keep your jobs.
That must be pretty easy for you to say, now that you've experienced three years of divide and concquer'r focus on permanent reparations for the underclass at the expense of everyone else.
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