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You have to wonder who was pitching and who was catching...
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Donating to Obama -- Against Our Will

EXFED4 Wrote: Aug 17, 2012 11:46 AM
This is proven by the relocation of many manufacturing jobs overseas. No sense in companies supporting crooked unions or any of the other negativity from leftists.
Of course you stick by your story. This is what America has come to expect from the creatures that have come to power these days. There is surely no depth to which you will sink to fool enough people to keep your jobs.
That must be pretty easy for you to say, now that you've experienced three years of divide and concquer'r focus on permanent reparations for the underclass at the expense of everyone else.
Just like Allen West to be six months ahead of the CBC.
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Pete Sessions: Don't Be a Dumb A-- in Tampa

EXFED4 Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 12:07 PM
The only way you could have that impression is because you rely exclusively on liberal news sources. If you want to remain ignorant and ill-informed, keep doing what you have already done.
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Poll: Obama Up Nine in Ohio?

EXFED4 Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 2:17 PM
It will be camel excrement, but will be called Socialist Scum.
Sometimes, generalizations are unfair. However, when faced with an emergency, generalizations can kill you. For example, when the fleas on rats spread the black plague, people didn't try to determine which rat had fleas, they just erradicated enough rats to fix the problem.
Oh, yeah - if it weren't for Huckabee staying in the primaries way past the point where he could have accumulated enough votes for the 2008 nomination, there is great possibility that Romney would have been the nominee, instead of this partner of ted kennedy, john mccain. Given that, Americans might have been able to skip our recession/depression and a whitehouse full of lying socialists.
I'm sure this is repeated throughout the comments, but I am so tired of McCain trying to make himself relevant. I can't imagine how he retains his office.
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Holder in the Hot Seat

EXFED4 Wrote: Jun 07, 2012 3:26 PM
When the unfit leaders on the East Coast get caught with their hand in the till or whatever other criminal enterprise they are guilty of - they usually check themselves into a mental hospital and claim some sort of fake mental illness. Seems to work pretty good, because so few ever see the insides of the prison they deserve.
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