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How could parents expect our already disastrously manages schools to deal with this? Will the autonomous school boards simply raise taxes on property owners? How will our children be protected from the threatening diseases that we have worked so long and hard to eradicate? If someone is not properly inoculated, they should be turned away. If they can't speak English, they should be put on a bus and delivered to the white house.
You have to hand it to these union thugs. After all, I only have a couple of degrees and spent almost 40 years crafting my way through my career by working hard and smart - but I make less than than these marginally educated dock workers.
Once again, this slug gets it wrong. I have guns because there are too many two-legged rats like michael moore that want to force their will on everyone else. I'm certainly more fearful of elitist creeps like him, than I am of anyone of any race.
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America: We're on the Wrong Track

EXFED4 Wrote: Dec 18, 2012 10:34 AM
Should our nation come to the brink of actual collapse, I am hopeful that roving mobs know where the media criminals live.
100% correct! Since this creep is a liberal, his people are probably already planning some sort of party to celebrate how "brave" he is.
Calling for someone's death is inappropriate, but would it be wrong to look forward to the time when the public is speculating on the location of his body?
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Senator Michelle Obama?

EXFED4 Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 8:35 AM
This kind of insanity shows how incapable some people are of making rational decisions. Proof positive that there should be some sort of test that voters should pass before being allowed to vote.
Off the high board?
I think these "editorial boards across the country" are at least partially responding to the liklihood of a Romney/Ryan victory and hoping to escape the wrath of readers. People should not forget the extent of guilt of these media people and how they are responsible for the 0bama scam just as much as 0bama.
You must be referring to all that has been given to black Americans, because I can't think of anything that they've made, besides trouble. Generalizing, of course.
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