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Re-Elected Barack Obama: Come at Me

exblackbird Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 3:37 PM
burrak............screw you. rice was the point person broadcasting the benghazi lies via the media. so she s guilty as home made sin for which there is no escaping blame. she s damaged goods and as such should resign from any and all positions in the obama administration. as for you..............people are not going to do what you re the president..............not some GD ruler, king, or emperor.

President Obama just wrapped up his first press conference since being re-elected for a second term last week and the first he’s given since August.  He opened with remarks about the economy as the fiscal cliff looms, but addressed a variety of topics.

“There’s only one way to solve these challenges and that is to do it together,” Obama said. “We’ve got to work out our differences.”

Despite calling for compromise and cooperation, Obama made it clear it’s either raise taxes on those making more than $250,000 per year or go over the fiscal...