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1.6 Billion Rounds Of Ammo, Homeland Security? Time For A National Conversation

exblackbird Wrote: Mar 13, 2013 4:12 PM
holder replied no drones would be used to kill americans on US soil. he did NOT exclude use of weapons of war...........m16s, 50 caliber mc, etc etc. something is going on.............the obama crowd is preparing to take down any uprising of the american citizenry.
James64 Wrote: Mar 13, 2013 4:28 PM
I agree. But what is he planning to do to get that uprising? Even the most "ardent" among us is loathe to start such a conflict as long as we can vote a change.
It has always been an assumed fact that government must start it.
Bondman60 Wrote: Mar 14, 2013 9:49 AM
I would look at a few different areas: Economic upheaval, social unrest, etc. I think Obama, Jarret and Ayers are looking for an opportunity before the end of BHO's term to declare Marshal Law and "temporarily" suspend the Constitution or at least the Bill of Rights, in the name of national security. I would think they'd prefer a crisis in which Americans were actually demanding these actions, so that BHO would praised for instituting Marshal Law.
ElihuE Wrote: Mar 14, 2013 5:36 PM
Don't really want to nitpick, but it's "Martial Law". As in military.

The Denver Post, on February 15th, ran an Associated Press article entitled “Homeland Security aims to buy 1.6b rounds of ammo”, to far too little notice. It confirmed that the Department of Homeland Security has issued an open purchase order for 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. As elsewhere reported, some of this purchase order is for rounds forbidden by international law for use in war plus a frightening amount specialized for snipers. Also reported elsewhere, at the height of the Iraq War the Army was expending fewer than 6 million rounds a month. 1.6 billion rounds, therefore, would be enough...