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Probably not as many as you might think. Liberals in general are not the sharpest
That's obvious. Obama cant even get a budget in on time. But hey he can get his NCAA picks in on time
This is probably true. When Obamacare does totally crash our economy they will blame the GOP. If by some miracle it does not crash, then he can sit back and say see I told you so. They have no fear that they will lose the next election and it will be thrown out.
No but I can only imagine
Sad truth is that much of the "pain" falls on the shoulders on what is left of the middle class.
Oh, it does lower the cost, for people who want to leach the system. for everyone else who works for a living, well we get the shaft because how dare we not depend on the government for everything
We all knew it was a disaster waiting to happen the second Pelosi opened her mouth and said "If you want to know what's in the bill then you have to pass it first." If nothing else that might have been the biggest reason to not vote for it. It's like a doctor saying "Here i'm going to give you a few shot's but i'm not going to tell you what they are until after I'm done administering the shots."
Derp. Ok, I was like what in the world is he talking about lol
I would not be surprised.
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