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maCarthey can call for a ban all he wants but he wil never ever get them. I am a law abiding citizen but if you want me to be a law breaker, come and try to take mine and many hundreds of my friends and your offensive move will create thousands of law breakers. When lasw enforcement gives up all of its auto weapons and AR15s, then so will we, but we will defend ourselves against a tyrannical group of any kind . We are suppose to be friends. Get the folks who break the law and leave law abiding citizens alone. Just because you can not control your own criminals in your city does not mean you can tell a nation to disarm. Hitler did this and killed most of his own people. Oh wait, he was not even from the country he came to rule was he?
Sounds like the government just hired a half million undocumented folks into government jobs. I wonder what product they will produce for the country other than poo poo the current administration is producing.Washington sure does produce a lot of fertilizer. The problem seems to be what grows in it.
I would vote for myself. my pledge to the American people would be....." I can't do worse than the last guy"
Hahaha.....I read this article and must say he was fired for telling the truth. I'm certain if we could get to the bottom of this firing it would lead to the same person that ordered the stand down in Benghazi. Anyone care to guess who that might be?? Anyone, Anyone?
He would have to impeach himself. Our inactive, scared of losing their jobs, don't really care about America republicans will never do it. I have lost faith in the republican party and frankly, the American people who voted for this Clown and Thief in office now. When everything crumbles and the democrats start chanting it's the republicans fault, they will be right because the Republicans would do nothing to stop evil Obama which makes them guilty by default. When the American worker falls, so does the economy and the government too. Just a matter of when, not if.
I totally agree. This administration is out of control. I thinks we would be safer fighting the terrorist ourselves than live under this corrupt government. I bet the 4 dead Americans and the ones that survived would agree if they could talk. I think Benghazi was a coverup for something illegal and our people were "sacrificed" to cover it up. Our government is too powerful and it's leaders too evil for America to ever be the great nation it once was without radical changes in Washington. It may already bee too late but with God, anything can happen, even another Republican president. Let us pray.
No matter what his antics are Obama has one thing in mind, a position in the NWO. He is running out of time with his pals at the UN. Promises made to the UN over control of the US. He absolutely must take our guns before he can let the UN move. The killing of those children was a horrible act I do not condone at all, but he will use any tactic to weaken America so the UN can come in and take control. All he has to do is get our guns and the stage is set to Let the UN come in and take control. Why else would he keep unemployment high, reduce the US military budget and arsenal, and tax us all into oblivion? You better keep and hide your guns America, it's all we have between a fighting chance for freedom, and slavery to Obama.
I saw this coming 4 years ago. I knew the commander and thief was lying when he said he would not take guns away. I have not seen a single truth come out of his mouth yet. Many folks I talk to say they will never give up or register their guns. Even the local police have commented they will never go out and get folks guns. I think the white house if going to open Pandora's box and will not be able to control what is to come from this. The big O is in for a surprise that millions just might be willing to die for their freedom after all.
Well, all I know is chaos will ensue. If heavey civil unrest happens then even the liberals will have nothing to eat. Gun owners are the ones who work and pay taxes. So when we refuse to give up our guns and we all get jailed, who will be left to pay taxes so lazy libs can get their free food. Bet the government you are so proud of will feed themselves before they feed you.
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