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Liberal Responsibility: Killing their offspring.
Yes, then in '98 she answered every debate question with "...I worked very hard...". No one with a brain pulse would have sent her back which meant she was perfect for Washington voters.
Her labor buddies have convinced her that her position is a no-show job.
You give Seattle voters far too much credit, they openly endorse the superior Republican candidates in their liberal newspapers but still mail-in straight Dumacrap party-line votes and when they don't add up, they manufacture votes.
Obamacare was designed with every intent for it to fail into single payer, the Democratic lemmings openly confirm this.
Unfortunately for them, no one but thugs would encourage them to kill their offspring.
You give her far too much credit, she has the intellectual capacity of a toaster. Her staff carries out Harry's mandates.
People who vote for Democrats do not care about anything except the ends, the means could be run by a mafia for all they care, and they are.
Reid's only interest in his clown-like role is collecting lobbyist checks for his family members.
Patty always votes with her party, she might as well let Harry Reid sign her name.
That's just the tip of the iceberg, the full details are much worse.
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