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Media Bias Exposed: MSNBC Doctors Video to Push Left-Wing Agenda

evie10 Wrote: Jan 29, 2013 10:37 PM
How many times do we have to expose this sort of action before the American public demands honest reporting - no more spin doctoring and artful (willful really) editing of video. Those who performed the editing should be looking for work now. The same for those who edited the George Zimmerman 911 tapes, etc. When we've fired enough of them, the problem should be cleared up - of course the bosses are going to say the editing was for time - not slant...just like removing "Under God" from the pledge was for time constraint.

The elite media and scores of journalists on the left are outraged today because a group of pro-gun rights activists allegedly “heckled” Neil Heslin, the father of six-year-old Jesse Lewis -- one of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre -- during a Connecticut hearing on gun violence on Tuesday. Here’s the MSNBC clip making the rounds on Twitter: