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Liberal proving a liberal cannot tell the truth. Stand Your Ground had nothing to do with Trayvon Martin case. Self-defense just does not have the same ring to it so she could not use the proper laws in her discussion. What is worse from the Zimmerman-Martin case is that Zimmerman is still under federal investigation for "hate crime" which makes it hard for him to get work. If the liberals could not destroy him one way, they go after him another.
I have recently moved to WV. My neighbors hunt as a source of food. The children have been carrying long guns for personal safety (the woods are dangerous - bears abound) and to help supplement the family larders. They offered to escort me on my walks in the woods. I trust them implicitly with their weapons. They know how to be safe with them. It is all a matter of training...knowledge being power.
The liberals believed they would win the recall election. They lost. They are using the fact that they brought the recall election against Walker and some State Congressmen as a negative campaign ad against Walker. Hope the Wisconsinites are not so stupid as the vote back in the liberals and the unions.
There are 5 deserters left behind in Vietnam who would disagree with "we never leave anyone behind". There were 4 men in Benghazi who cannot tell us they were not left behind. There was one wounded man on top of the Consulate who would disagree about the "not being left behind" and that they would do everything possible to get a man back from the field of battle. Why did they bother with the lies?
If I remember correctly, she made more than the CEO. Nice work if you can get it.
Keep your fingers to yourself
I flag you every chance I get - you are not relevant.
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Obamas kick off long weekend in California

evie10 Wrote: Jun 14, 2014 4:08 PM
Problems? What Problems? Why should he not take a vacation - after all, he's not been on one for several hours.
and then that slight apology to "really poor" people - ain't that sweet?
And those who support her cannot name thing she has accomplished.
It could not happen to a more deserving person. There is a cautionary tail here: Conservatives need to be aware that if she becomes too toxic now, then the liberals will have time to set up another liberal who might be worse and have time to run that one but not enough for the conservatives to build a good campaign against the candidate.
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