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And, unlike Iraq we did not have a real declaration of war.
These were not POWs in Gitmo - they were war criminals. There is a big difference. Would we have released Gobbels as a POW after the conclusion of WWII? NO!
I wondered, at one time, here on the Townhall comments about what Obama would do to create a situation in which martial could be declared and he remain in office. This might be the first step. I'm getting very afraid. He needs to be removed from office for his malfeasance and misfeasance of office.
But, Hillary says "these guys" aren't any threat to us - only to Afghanistan people. Nice narrow view of things.
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Three Cords And The Truth

evie10 Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 10:23 AM
For the high school kids - it looks good on the "resume". They also believe, coming out of college - that the employers will give them "brownie points" for all of the cords. Delusion starts early.
Good for him. He's still making people proud.
I just flag and move on from Lois and from some of the others.
Who said we did not? I just read it correctly - figuring it to be a typographical error.
Since liberals are ethically challenged it will be difficult to get the ones in the liberal held Senate to agree that Reid's attacks are bad - after all, they believe he's telling the truth.
I guess Obama just wanted to keep one promise so he could point to it and say that he keeps his promises. With no proof that there is a climate change crisis - that the earth is anything other than a normal cycle - we are being deluded into believing we can do something about the weather.
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