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The protection of the tortoise was a blatant lie by the government since they had been killing the them to make way for a solar power farm.
And now we know why there is only one political party in communist countries. That way they will always get all of the vote.
Robertb is illiterate but not anywhere near as clever as he thinks. But alas, for sheer insidiousness, NRMLUNIT takes the prize this week. Yes it is a hard call after so many liberals showed up this week.
I just love when the liberals start screaming about how we all have to OBEY the law (Harry Reid's interview for example) immediately followed by how laws have to be applied whimsically (like Holder has recommended). NRMLUNIT might like it when the government comes down on citizens in this manner but I don't live in Communist China and I don't expect my government to move against citizens in this manner, especially when basing the move upon a lie - a blatant lie (protecting a tortoise that the very same government is killing off from the same area to clear the way for a foreign country to build a private business on the publicly held lands). The government lied about the Bundy issue just like they've lied about everything else it has been doing since 2009.
The only surprise is the admission of guilt. But, the only reason a liberal would admit wrong is to provide cover for a liberal icon. Follow the money folks, I'll bet you'll find out she knew about it.
Liberal = good; conservative = bad. It just does not matter what a liberal does, it will always be, in the eyes of the liberals, okay. It must be so nice to have such control over the lexicon.
Legal immigrants are inspiring. But, if other countries such as Mexico believes our laws are too hard on immigrants, need to get rid of all of their own immigrant laws.
Maybe the debate is over for this Lame Duck President but it is just beginning for the 86 Million worker supporting 148 Million on public assistance. It is a disgrace and this Liar in Chief needs to just keep quiet. Neither he nor people like Al Gore get to shut off the debate on these big power grabs.
MSNBC has no viewership so they put on these radicals in an attempt to generate enough buzz that folks will watch after this so see how much lower they can go in the name of "news reporting".
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15 Examples Of "Liberal Privilege"

evie10 Wrote: Apr 15, 2014 2:58 PM
I went to a VoTec school in Nashville to learn Computer Operations in the late 1970s. It was an 18month course of study and was self-paced. I finished in less than 6months. As I was the only white person in the class, including the Instructor. I was asked why the hurry to get through and I explained that I needed the certificate for work, my holding the job of computer operator at the hospital where I worked was contingent upon my finishing the course...saw no reason to drag things out for the entire 18months. I paid for the entire course out my own pocket (no help from work) and I had not been able to get financial help because of my job. The students all said that I was able to push so hard and get through the courses because I had all those privileges of being white. I asked them, as a group, how close was the nearest library to them - all were well within a few blocks of a library - I then asked them how often they went there and most had not been inside the library. I then told them about what I had had to do to get to the nearest library (I lived in a very rural area) which was more than 30 miles away. I went every week. We had more back and forth and at the end not a single one wanted my privileged life - in fact, they did not consider me to be privileged at all. Every one of the students were on some sort of public assistance so I pointed out that I had the privilege of working so I could pay for their food stamps and such. Don't know how much they took to heart but they did not have the same of opinion of my life they had had before and that was a small step in the right direction. All those students had ever heard was that they could not succeed because of their skin color and they believed it and never even tried.
It's about time she finally learned the lesson. We did not want her as Governor and the folks in her district did not want her for state representative.
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