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Suburban Boston is Democratic and has some of the finest school systems in the country... Probably best not to play the Party Card. And some of the worst states are conservative Republican. And some of the better districts in the country are Repub dominated. Party can be a problem, but it is local and specific.
All? It is a little over 60% of public school teachers. The worst states like those in the Deep South have lower union membership the better states have higher union participation. I don't know where parents have no power. Not where I have taught. Both major teachers unions as far as I know are for raising standards required to enter into the teaching field. Congratulations on your ability to predict the future.
restoreliberty, he did not conveniently leave it out. It wasn't part of the orginal argument which was local (bottom up_ vs. federal (top down) control. Please note the US has never had anything close to federal control of schooling.
Anonymous you are an idiot (not sarcasm).
Yes, with your clear citation of evidence I see you are correct that it is communism (sarcasm).
You have made it clear why my arguments made no sense. Thank you (sarcasm).
Don't get the amphibole reference. No, our public education system is a local system, run by locals - districts and states. Are unions involved? Yes. But they are not the decider of curriculum or instruction. They have a seat at the table, and that is all.
Thanks for the argumentless argument. Are you saying that immigration law has been local? That the economy was improving when Bush left? That there is anything that indicates a replacement of math with Howard Zinn? Please.
Paleo, he is a researcher. You will have to make a case that his research is off. The research I cited is not strongly for union over non-union teachers. If anything it is ambivalent, the average kid benefits from having a union teacher. The very top and very bottom don't.
Rick, the standards are not for science. There are reading and writing standards for science but little else. I don't think mainstream science is going away or will sit idly by for "political" science.
Cal, first the Golden Age of American Education is a myth. See here: And read the work of Sam Wineburg on the history of poor test results.
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