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Sarah Palin Was a Prophet About Obama's Education Takeover

everyonesfacts4u Wrote: Apr 26, 2012 7:47 PM
Well let us see. Do you know who is second best country at educating European origin students? The best at educating Asian origin students? The best at educating Hispanics? The best at African origin students? If you said the USA you would be correct. Finland beats the US "Anglos" And Shanghai, but not China, beats US Asians. Could we do better? Certainly. But when shown this way, not bad. Of course, the US is made of all the students above and it is right to compare it to other countries holistically because they are all Americans. So my question would be is how to get all students to perform as well as our Asian and Anglo students?
Sarah Palin was the first to recognize the problem: By participating in President Obama's signature education initiative, the Common Core Standards, Alaska would lose control over its own curriculum.

On May 31, 2009, then-Gov. Palin announced Alaska would adopt a "watch and wait" attitude:

"If this initiative produces useful results, Alaska will remain free to incorporate them," Gov. Palin said, adding that "high expectations are not always created by new, mandated federal standards written on paper. They are created in the home, the community and the classroom."

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, to his credit, was the next to recognize a...