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NEA Convention Doesn't Reflect Mainstream Teacher Values

everyonesfacts4u Wrote: Jul 13, 2012 8:07 AM
This more or less an advertisement for the AAE and should be over on the right side of your page along with conservative t-shirts, Townhall magazine, and other advertisements.

While most Americans were enjoying a festive Independence Day last week, the National Education Association was holding their annual convention in Washington, D.C. Beaten down after another solid year of negative press, declining membership, and legislative and legal battles, the NEA convention took on a hyper-partisan tone best reserved for partisan political rallies. Pegged as just another extension of the Democratic Party convention, the views coming out of the conference couldn’t be further from mainstream American teacher sentiments.

The convention comes on the heels of a clear public education crisis that is only getting worse. Despite a record level of spending...