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These clowns would be no stranger to the feudal lords of old.
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Immigrants Don't Matter to Them

Everette5 Wrote: Jun 16, 2013 9:53 AM
You are a perfect example of the faceless drone from the administrative state that this article refers to. You put yourself on a pedestal proclaiming you understand what should be done with "God's wonderful creation" when what you really are concerned about is keeping yourself above the "other".
They just have to wait for the election to be over, then they will be free ot move if Obama is reelected. Of course the media will not cover the move.
No, Charles....what we need is a free market and no more central planners. There is no such thing as a disinterested, nonpartisan , administrative group that can make decisions for the economy. This is the problem we have had since the Wilson administration followed the German model of an administrative state in 1912-1920.
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