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And don't forget - this has NOTHING to do with islam ! ! !! !
They 'think' it's real . . . .what was their first clue ????
That's the other little-known part of this that the lamestream media never mentions - and there has never ever been an Arab state in the area of what is now Israel, in all of history, so this notion of 'occupation' is just usual Palestinian propaganda -
But hamas and other groups like them specifically bring up kids to hate Jews, does any other ethnic group do that ? Have you ever heard of a mob of Jews and Christians burning mosques or beheading people ? You have not - To be Christian or Jewish does not mean you just let anyone walk on you, allow them to fire mortars at your cities, or 'turn the other cheek' when threatened or assaulted !
And they have been bringing up their kids to do nothing but hate Jews - but at least some have woken up, like the son of the hamas founder who has been in the news recently, speaking the truth about hamas and what they really are. I'm sure he has to watch his back all the time - another scary thing is watching the reaction of muslimes around the world, even in places like Dearbornistan, MI, or in Londonistan UK, where there is much anti-Israel sentiment and groups who are sadly out of touch with the reality of hamas and other terrorists - http://therightscoop.com/awesome-mark-levin-interviews-son-of-hamas-founder-mosab-hassan-yousef-who-says-israel-is-fighting-for-the-world/
When you have no real moral center or sense of actual history, such as why muslimes have been a plague on mankind for 1500 years, you get pop culture-generated artificial geniuses like whats-his-face here - russell WHO ??? Is he dead broke, like the clintoons now ??? Perhaps he need some publicity to bolster his sagging image ??
Nice to hear some sanity coming out of a court in Wisconsin ! ! What will the communists up there do next for the next dirty trick ?
Time to burn up the phone lines and email to any CONgressman or Senator you can ! This is beyond sickening - but is not due to incompetence, it's deliberate ! ! They actually think they have to cut our only defense to have more money for their useless social programs and more important things like helping illegal aliens enter the USA, or any other leftist incoherent nonsense ! !
How would you determine the stupidest, or the most anti-American of them ?? They are all about the same - but I would put folks like nanzi pelousy, madmaxine, boxhead, or sheila jacksh*t lee near the top . . .
It is so easy to be a lib democRAT now - just be for or against anything, depending on the political wind, or if it's an election year, if you were for something previously, just be against it now/change laws as needed to suit the situation, or likewise if you were against something previously . . .but if you simply believe what it says in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, you are a bigot/hatemonger, or whatever a lousy communist democRAT currently believes about those of us who simply want law and order, and public officials who believe the same . . .
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