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Did you purchase a plan through the exchanges? If so, did your costs go up or down? How about your deductibles?
Where do you get your information? ACA had never been popular with a plurality of the population and many still don't even know what it is!!!
Do it. I just closed my fairly new Twitter account after it was hacked 3 times in 2 days. Now my email has been hacked. I believe they are everywhere.
The women will have to save America. The men are sitting it out.
When I heard he was on the Committee hearing the IRS abuse scandal, I was appalled having known all too well, his slander and threats toward Catherine Englebrecht and True the Vote. The audacity for him to sit there and listen to the abuses committed toward Conservatives when HE HIMSELF was guilty of such abuses was the height of hypocrisy. It is like asking a pedophile to run a daycare center.
She got pregnant REAL early; used her second husband to finance her education and then dumped him and lost custody of her two daughters. Sounds like a real winner---NOT! Well--she does sound like dream candidate for the Democrats.
She is only sorry because she got caught and called out. She is a racist. This was not the first time nor will it be the last. It is who she is and where she lives---as with all the crew at MSNBC. They are so steeped in the sewer they don't even smell the stench anymore.
There is theft and fraud going on at every level of the government. Probably not on this grand a scale but this is the result of a government so massive that it is impossible to police.
Raise the voting age except for those who serve in the military or own property. Additionally, for those who have been on public assistance for a certain amount of time (say 2 years) and have no skin in the game--their voting PRIVILEGES should be suspended until they are once again gainfully employed. You should not be able to vote yourself benefits with other people's money.
That principal is an idiot. This is why our kids are failing in school--loons like this. No common sense.
Amen! It is amazing to me that O's minions and the entire MSM is willing to sacrifice the working men and women of American to preserve the false illusion of Obama. His legacy will be one of the destruction of America and they can not change that. Reality will trump hype.
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