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Is this a sick joke? Probably not--WAPO IS this detached from reality. In Holder's world, black players would automatically be innocent victims and white players would be guilty perpetrators.
85% of all mosques in America have radical Imams speak and display radical material in their facilities. This is per Peter King (who certainly should know) and Other experts such as Frank Gaffney. (CNN) -- In 2004, Rep. Peter King stated that 80% to 85% of mosques in America were controlled by Islamic fundamentalists and amounted to "an enemy living amongst us." In 2007 he said, "Unfortunately we have too many mosques in this country" and called for FBI surveillance and infiltration of mosques because that's where terrorists were being "homegrown."
You know---Islam is NOT just a religion. It is like no other. It is 3 pronged--religious, political and military. One cannot be separated from the other. No other religion is like this. No atheist or agnostic is like this. No other religion states to "convert or die"--85% of all mosques are radical. I view them as fortresses where Muslims plot and plan our destruction. You can not "love" it out of them. How did that work for the folks that just got their heads severed from their bodies? What is going on in the Middle East has gone on for centuries and has creeped into Europe and Scandinavia--and make no mistake it is becoming entrenched in our country to. It is growing at an alarming rate. There are already enclaves in the area in which I live.
Another idiot spokesperson (girl) from the State (TOY) department. These children think they are the smartest people in the room and so clever with their wordsmithing. Someone please spank them. I want to puke every time I see their faces on screen.
You are absolutely correct. Set asides and affirmative action has led to the downward spiral in this country. I worked at a federal facility in which Blacks were promoted over all other ethnicities which were infinitely more qualified---the result was awful. The same can be found when they become Mayors, heads of corporations and universities. In fact, the local Black Law School was in danger of losing its' accreditation a few years ago because its' graduates provided such poor representation to their clients.
After all the lying, who would believe anything he wrote?
May Jay can take up ping pong.
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Bye, Bye California

Evelyn116 Wrote: May 04, 2014 8:52 AM
Those are the folks moving there because San Francisco has the MOST generous welfare benefits and perks for the homeless than any other city or area in the country. Word gets around. These are NOT the working, productive and tax paying types...get a clue.
The State Dept can lose $6Billion dollars--no problem. The IRS can lose receipts for $40-50 used for training retreats--no problem. The Obamas can take lavish vacations on the taxpayer dime--no problem. Obama can hand out Obamaphones, food stamps, EBT cards, section 8 housing and now wants the Bank on US to give housing loans to high risk borrowers---all on the tax payer dime. But....they will come after the poor working stiff who is just trying to live their life and can not even prove they really owe the $$$--this is outrageous. "Some rules for thee but not for me"---this should be the mantra for the IRS.
Did you purchase a plan through the exchanges? If so, did your costs go up or down? How about your deductibles?
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